The abdominal area is where we seem to store all our fat, and no matter how much we work out, the best ab workouts require a specific focus on our ab region.  Burning fat is essential to losing weight and getting rid of the fat layer which covers our abs, which is done through cardio and strength training.  In addition, the best ab workout you can do is a full spectrum abdominal workout.

Your abdominal region is the core of your body, and the right abdominal workout can strengthen your body for balance, help avoid injuries, and can give more power to your everyday exercises.  In order to achieve this, you will need to do a full spectrum ab workout.

The best ab workouts will include exercises for your whole abdominal area. The days of countless sit-ups are long gone. A few basics to get you started:

REVERSE CRUNCHES – With this exercise, you will lie flat on the floor.  Keep your spine neutral, and bring knees at a 90-degree angle from a few inches off the floor to up.  While doing this, concentrate on contracting your abdominal area. This exercise works the lower half of the abdominals.

BICYCLE – Doing this exercise will work both your obliques (the sides) and your lower abs.  Start in the position of the reverse crunch, with your hands behind your head. Keep your neck neutral, and bring one knee up to your opposite elbow as you raise your chest.  This will be done in a controlled motion while keeping the hips still.

BENT ELBOW PLANK – This is an exercise for your whole ab region, concentrating on the transverse abs.  Lie on your stomach, then lift yourself onto your toes and forearms.  While doing this, contract your abs and keep your back from straining.  Work for holding this pose for 90 seconds, but start with less.

Exercise Ball or Roman Chair Crunches –  If more advanced use weight and squeeze those abdominals.  This will inspire the six pack to “pop” out more.  Using the exercise ball causes your entire midsection to work harder by keeping your body in balance.

The best ab workout may not give magic results, as losing abdominal fat gets more difficult as we age, but performing the correct ab workouts can give us defined and better looking abs when done with consistency.

It is important that you isolate your ab muscles during this workout, as even the best ab workouts will only be as effective as you make them. If you bring your back or oblique muscles into the exercises, they will take a lot of the pressure off your abs. This means that they won’t be pushed or exercised as much as they should be, and it will take a long time for you to see results. In fact, if you don’t focus on the form, you may not see any results at all due to the fact that your other muscles were facilitating the exercise.

Disclaimer: Be very careful when working out your abs. Many of the exercises also put pressure on your lower back muscles, and pushing yourself too hard can lead to lower back injuries. Only do exercises that you can do with the proper form, or have someone help you to isolate your ab muscles and do the exercises correctly. It is very important to avoid lower back injuries.