How To Build MuscleThere are a great number of muscle building programs on the market today.  This makes it very difficult for the beginner or even the intermediate fitness seeker to choose one single regimen to follow.  For many, trying to figure out how to build muscle can be a very difficult concept if not an outright daunting process.   The truth is it doesn’t need to be. If you have been trying for years or are just beginning down the road to becoming that fit individual you always wanted to be then there are proven programs out there that can deliver the results that you have been seeking.

How To Build Muscle:

This site is dedicated to helping you get in the best shape of your life.  Compare our knowledgeable, straight to the point, hard hitting articles and newsletters and you will see why we have set ourselves to be your number one source for getting in the best shape of your life and learn the essentials of how to build muscle.

To begin, let’s start with a few tips that can get you going on your journey to the new, fitter you.

Get a game plan

Figure out what you want to look like.  What does being fit mean to
you?  Are you looking for a toned, tight and ripped physique?   Or are
you looking for the show stopping muscular body that you see on many
body builder magazines.  Maybe you would just like to increase
strength.  The workout regimen for each of these workouts differ
dramatically and if you are going to put the effort and time into doing
them, it is good to get it right from the start.

Start on the right path

If you have gone to a gym for any amount of time you may have noticed
the same, majority of people working out.  They are seen year after
year and continue to look the same as the day you first saw them.  In
fact, the reason you don’t see many return is for this very reason.
They were taught all the wrong things to do to get in the shape they
were looking for,  so they became discouraged and quit.   This sad fact
plays out all over gyms in America and is the reason why people seek
real instruction on the right way to get it done.

Beware of where you get your information

Are you aware that many professional body builders who write articles
for many prominent muscle building magazines rarely follow their own
advice?  You might think a body builder is in the gym all day, seven days a
week.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Getting your advice
from a lifting buddy, gym rat or even many so called “Certified
Trainers” can not only lead you down the road of frustration and
confusion but at worst can cause you to give up all together.

Your Diet

Get this wrong and you might as well stay home.  This isn’t rocket
science either.  Ever see a guy give it his all year after year and
show so little for his efforts?   Anyone striving to gain muscle must
know some simple but all important nutritional needs that you must give
yourself if you want results.  For instance, when it comes to protein,
all the current studies in building muscle show that you must be taking
in at least 1 gram of protein per 1 lb of body weight every day.  If
you just finished your workout and your muscles need amino acids as
building blocks and you do not take in an additional, external source of protein,
where do you think your muscle will pull that protein from?  That’s
right, right back out of the very muscle you are trying to build. Of
course complex carbohydrates and fats play their role in recovery and
metabolism. Knowing what you are doing here is vital for growth.

Eat often

All the latest research shows that eating smaller meals, multiple times
a day help rev up your metabolism.  Although Americans are the most
overworked, sleep deprived people on the planet we are also some of the
most sedentary.   Eating two to three large meals per day just does not
make sense when considering how our metabolism is expected to process
these extra, unused calories.   Instead, give your metabolism a boost
and try five or more smaller meals.  This puts your metabolism on
overdrive and gives your body less reason to spike insulin thus burning
off fat and showing off that hard lean muscle.


We are not a team of medical professionals, and the comments and advice on how to build muscle on this page are not made from the standpoint of a doctor recommending a certain treatment or exercise program for their patients. We are just average guys like you – but we happen to love doing exercise and getting in shape.

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If something isn’t working for you, don’t keep trying to do it. You could end up injuring yourself and ruining your health. Be safe, and good luck with your workouts!