How To Get RippedLearn How to Get Ripped Without Steroids

Bodybuilders have the physique that many of us dream of,  however many do not know how to get ripped without constantly working out and using steroids. While we might not be seeking the same results of competitive body builders, all of us want to get ripped enough to attract the ladies.  So how do you do it?

Begin an intensive strength training program that incorporates your whole body, instead of targeting one muscle group. You will need to work out with weights that push your limits, without injuring yourself.  Work out in sets of 2-4 with sets of 12 reps with little rest time in between..

The schedule you use for your workout should include a rotational schedule to get ripped,  making sure to take a day off for muscle recovery. Your schedule might be:

Monday: Chest and Triceps

Tuesday: Back and Bilaterals

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday – REST

Friday: Chest and Triceps

Saturday: Back and Bilaterals

This of course will depend on your schedule, but as a basic outline, you should be spending two days a week on each muscle group.

There are many great exercises you can do with this schedule, with just a few basic tools.  Find the exercises that work best for you and then add some that you don’t like as much. This will help isolate different muscles and give your entire body a workout instead of just a few.

Once you have reached results, your body will naturally adapt to the new stress you have asked of it. If you have stopped gaining, the secret of how to get ripped lies in increasing your workout intensity.  If you do this, then you can increase intensity, add another day off to recover and simply increase the rest periods for your muscles or change up the exercises to confuse the muscle into new growth.

Make sure that you are also eating a lot of protein to replenish your muscle mass that is undergoing stress, and get enough sleep. You also want to drink water, and lots of it.  With some time and work, you can get ripped muscles and look great.

It is important that you know how to get ripped the right way, and there are two sides to every workout program.  The one side is doing the exercises listed above, but the other is taking care of yourself.  If you don’t eat enough food or drink enough water, these hardcore workouts are going to leave your body drained and exhausted.  Insufficient water intake could lead to dehydration, and insufficient food intake can lead to fatigue and injury during your workouts.

Disclaimer: Only do these exercises with as much intensity as your body will allow. Don’t try to push yourself too hard, as you could end up over exhausting and injuring yourself. If you are new to exercise, take it slowly and give your body a chance to become accustomed to the added intensity. When you work it this way you will have a better understanding of what it takes and the knowledge of how to get ripped.