Visual Impact Review - Guy with GirlThe Visual Impact Review:

Many around the world are looking to build massive muscles like a bodybuilder, but not all women and men find massive muscles attractive. What they will usually find attractive is a body that is lean and well-muscled, but not so big as to appear out of proportion.  In our Visual Impact review, you will learn how the program is one of the best systems to help you get ripped with lean muscle. You will find that the impact your toned body has on many women or men will be far more effective than massive muscles could be.

Visual Impact Review: What’s it about?

This program is designed to help you tone your body and build lean muscle without building muscles that are so bulky and dense that it can restrict your movement. This program will help you build a body like a movie star or professional athlete, rather than a bodybuilder.  You will find that working with this unique program will have a much better end result for many woman and men than working with any program to help you build giant muscles.  In the end, the visual appeal of muscles is what is most important and you may find that the women or men in your life prefer a slim, lean-muscled body over a bulky one.

Visual Impact: Details

The Visual Impact manual has 15 chapters and 75 pages and is broken down into three phases, plus a bonus phase for those who want to go the distance with their lean muscle body building.  You will learn how muscle growth works by covering sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy, fatigue, rest ranges, rest periods, exercises, sets and what supplements you should be taking.  You will also receive a 200+ page exercise guide with descriptions of exercises using both text, pictures and workout charts.  It is all put together to be easy for the user to navigate through the material.

Phase 1 is all about packing on the muscle without getting too bulky. You will learn how to build muscle effectively, but the high rep exercises with short rests will ensure that you can pack on as much muscle as you can in the shortest amount of time.

Phase 2 is about working on the tone and definition of your muscles, as well as building strength over size. You will usually do exercises with medium amounts of reps and the rest between each exercise will be fairly short to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Phase 3 turns all of your muscles into strength, and you will get rid of any unnecessary body fat by doing cardiovascular exercises along with your bodybuilding program. You will do few reps with longer rest periods in between, thus ensuring maximum efficacy.

The bonus phase teaches you about the “shrink wrap effect”, which is tightening the skin around your muscles to make them look defined and tight. You will find you can learn all about this unique method of tightening the skin around your muscles and you will obtain the lean, toned-body look that you desire.  The program is one of the most effective you can use to get the lean, slim body that most movie stars and actors flaunt. If you want to look slim and toned like Ryan Reynolds or Gerard Butler, you will find that Visual Impact is the program for you. No longer do you need to worry about building giant bulky muscles; thanks to this unique program you can build a sleek, toned body that will delight the ladies or men in your life.

In the end, the results will always speak for themselves. You can find many testimonials of those who have tried the program and have seen amazing benefits  and you too can take advantage of the program to build as much lean muscle as you want without having to worry about bulking up too much.

As with any workout program, you must put in the effort to see results.  This workout requires some intense training.  It is possible you will see little or no results without doing the program as intended.   Although there have been many success stories to the program, it is possible that you may not have the time, patience or willingness to follow through with the program.

It is also important to check with a qualified medical physician before starting any intense workout program or changing your diet dramatically.  If you have hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes or other related health issues it is also possible to see reduced or no results at all.

Also beware of imitators.  Should you choose to purchase the Visual Impact Program, make sure you do this though the Visual Impact website featuring Rusty Moore.