Rusty Moore doing dipsRusty Moore is the man behind the Visual Impact program, one that helps muscle builders to develop lean, toned bodies rather than building giant muscles. For those who are interested in developing slim bodies, the Visual Impact program is one of the best. Rusty Moore is a visionary who has taken the world of exercise by storm, and you will find that his unique program may be exactly what you need to help you get in the best shape of your life.

Rusty Moore has been working out for more than 20 years, and he started a blog for the purpose of helping people develop the “Hollywood Look” of lean and toned muscles rather than giant ones like the average bodybuilder.

His blog soon became incredibly popular, and within three months he was getting hundreds of visitors every day.  Another three months later, he was getting thousands of visitors per day, and he currently gets as many as 1,000,000 visitors to his website every month.

The program that Rusty Moore designed is to help you build a body that will look better in a swimsuit than in workout clothes, a body that is more like James Bond than like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you are interested in building a lean body with toned muscles that are well defined, then the Visual Impact program by Rusty Moore may be exactly what you need.  The blog started by Rusty Moore is filled with a host of useful tips and tricks, and the combined knowledge of hundreds of people can be found in the 20,000 comments on the Fitness Black Book blog.

The best thing about the program by Rusty Moore is that it doesn’t promote strict diets, intense workout routines and pain and suffering like so many intense workout programs.

The program does require dedication and persistence, and it will be a lot of hard work to build a sleek, toned body like all of the top Hollywood stars. However, the program is a lot of fun to do and it will actually be easy for anyone to start doing no matter what level of fitness expertise they possess. It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 50; working out with the Visual Impact program by Rusty Moore is a great way to get in the best shape of your life.

When Rusty Moore thinks of the words;  “in shape”, he isn’t thinking about giant muscles, sloping shoulders, and arms the size of the average person’s calves.

When Rusty says in shape he means a sleek, toned, well-muscled look that will be much more popular with the ladies or men than the giant bulging muscles. Building giant muscles simply takes far too long and far too much effort, but the Visual Impact program is something that nearly everyone can do no matter what age they are.

The program is not only made for men but women can also benefit from the sleek, well-muscled look that they can obtain by doing the program. Rather than having to suffer through an intense workout made specifically for men, the program is designed with ladies in mind as well. A host of exercises are made for women to use, and these exercises will help them to get in a shape that will rival that of any man going through the program.