Mike GearyMike Geary is the man responsible for the creation of The Truth About Abs program.

He is a man with many years of experience in his field.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree, is licensed as a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, and writes regularly for Oxygen Magazine. He also makes regular contributions to Muscle & Fitness, and writes as a columnist for the renowned fitness magazine.

The difference between the program made by Mike Geary and other programs is that The Truth About Abs has years of study and research behind it.  Mike Geary has a BS, as mentioned above, and he put to work the knowledge that he obtained during his years of studies for his BS and his certifications in order to create his unique program.

The best thing about the Truth About Abs program that Mike Geary created, is that it is based on actual scientific evidence. Many of the workout programs currently being marketed are just taking advantage of the latest hype in the world of exercise and fitness, however the program by Mike Geary actually throws all of those myths out the window in order to expose the truth on how to build abs.

Many eBook-based exercise programs are cheap and useless, as the cost of writing an eBook is actually quite low. However, Mike Geary determined that his eBook was going to provide as much value as possible to those who purchased it and thus he created his Truth About Abs book in order to provide those looking to build solid abs to do so as quickly and effectively as possible.  Thanks to this unique program by Mike Geary, anyone who wants to tone their body and build abs will find that they can find all the resources and instruction they need in one place.

All About The Truth About Abs by Mike Geary

Let’s get down to the content of the book by Mike Geary, the Truth About Abs.  This book is designed to help you build abs as efficiently as possible, the workout routines and exercises laid out in the book are as effective as possible in order to make your workouts pay off.  Rather than promoting hours of stomach and cardio workouts every day, Mike Geary’s book promotes a healthy diet balanced out by regular exercise. All in all, the formula presented in the book ensures that you are able to shed unwanted pounds and build your ab muscles quickly and effectively.

The program comes with a free video report, in which Mike talks about some things that will surprise you. You will learn what really contributes to a flabby tummy, as well as which myths being promoted by the media of today are total bunk. This program is not for just anyone, but it should only be purchased by those who are willing to see it through to the end. If you are someone who will not follow through with a program, this one is not for you. However, if you realize that you have no excuse for a flabby belly and are really interested in working hard to get rid of it, The Truth About Abs may be exactly what you need.