How To Get Ripped FastWhat You Need to Know to Get Ripped Fast

What man (or woman) hasn’t wished for the secret to get ripped fast?  Six pack abs are the standard for sexy, and it seems there is some elusive secret. You can get that shrink wrapped look, but it will take some determined work on your part.

One thing you need to consider when learning how to get ripped fast is that the abs are the most challenging part of the body.


The abdominal area is where fat tends to be stored, and it is one of the most difficult to tone.  Now that this is said, there are things you can do.

The first thing you want to do before you begin a “get ripped fast” program is determine just what you want to achieve.  There are different levels of fitness.  Do you want to tone up, develop strength, or master a body builder physique?  Setting realistic goals makes it easier to see results.

Diet is another huge factor when you want to get ripped fast.

There are actually ab-friendly foods, which are foods that are low carb/high protein choices.  Eating this type of diet allows the body to control insulin levels, which is the hormone that stores your body fat.  The recommendation for how to get ripped includes eating one gram of protein for each pound of body mass.  Eat smaller multiple meals everyday (at least 5 meal/day).  Eat complex carbs with every other meal starting with your first.  Once again stay 1 gram to per pound of body weight.  This speeds up the metabolism hence shredding off the fat.

Determine whether you need to lean down first through fat loss, or begin a bulking program immediately. It does no good to lose weight only while not building muscle.  Begin your regiment by working out to get your muscle mass toned while still including a cardio program.

Cardio is essential to getting ripped fast!

Doing your cardio workout in the morning is best since your body quickly burns off your glucose reserves and puts you into fat burn quickly.   Your workout will be an essential part of how you get ripped fast, but it is only part of it.

Don’t get frustrated if it takes some time to get your muscles ripped and your abs looking great.  It happens with hard work and determination.  There is not one magic answer for what will work with you, but exercise, strength training, and mostly lots of protein are the keys to your success.

Don’t focus so much on the ab workouts and dieting to lose belly fat that you end up starving yourself.  All very low calorie diets lead to serious health problems, such as metabolism problems, diet disorders, and more.  It is essential that you continue eating a balanced diet, only decreasing the number of calories that you consume per day.  Burning belly fat is only possible if your body is getting sufficient nutrients that will keep your body’s energy stores replenished.

Disclaimer: A balanced exercise program is as important as a balanced diet, especially when it comes to learning how to get ripped fast. Focusing on any one form of exercise will lead to imbalances in your body, but it is important that you get a well rounded workout. Cardio will help to burn off the belly fat from the inside, ab workouts will turn the fat into muscle, and strength training will help to tone the muscle – the result being a ripped body!