Best Way To Build MuscleAlthough there may be small variationns for the best way to build musclethe staples continue to remain the same.   Following the basics will get you growth faster then trying to re-invent the wheel.   In order of importance, these six rules will get you on your way to the results you desire.

The Best Way To Build Muscle – Musts!

1) Warm up!   If you want to continue to stay working out for very long, it is vitally important to warm up those muscles before exerting a lot of stress on them.   Putting heavy stress on a muscle or muscle group that is cold, is a sure fire way to get you back sitting on your couch with an injury.  It only takes a few minutes but can be the difference of whether or not your going to get an injury.

2)  Push your muscles or muscle groups to failure.  The best way to build muscle is to do each set of reps to the point where you cannot complete the next set.   For strength training, (power lifting) stay in the low rep area, preferably in the three to six rep range.   For putting on size, stay in the medium rep range, between eight to twelve reps.   For definition, stay in the high rep range, between 12 to 18 reps.   Your last rep should always be to failure, preferably with assistance from a spotting partner.

3) Rest.  It is just as important to give your body time to rest as it is to hit it hard in the gym.  Your body repairs itself while you are sleeping.   You will not make any solid gains if you do not allow your body to repair itself.  Lack of sleep will cause fatigue and fatigue equals injury.  Continuing to add more stress without allowing your body to heal will surely take away any significant growth and may take you out of the gym altogether.

4) Use Proper Form. It used to amaze me that every time I walked into the gym, I would see people doing some of the strangest exercises with weight that would make me cringe.  If you want growth, the best way to build muscle is to isolate the muscle group you are working.  Bad form takes away isolation.  For example; let’s say Jake and Bob are just starting out.  Both have equal strength and size.  Start Jake with 10 lbs and proper form and Bob with 20 lbs and bad form.   In a year’s time, Jake will have substantially grown stronger with more size than Bob.  Sadly, most people do not realize this until they have wasted years in the gym.

5) Do not over train.  Over training will fatigue your muscles and take away the needed glycogen stores that your muscles need to grow.   Over training will cause muscle fatigue to the point where you can get an injury.   The most sets you should give a muscle group is twelve.  Contrarily, the least amount of sets you should perform is five for any one muscle group.   Training any one muscle group more than twice a week is over-training and your results will prove it.  The best way to build muscle is to stay within this range and if you see your results diminishing, back off a little more.  You may be surprised that less equals more.

6) Change up your workout.  Your body naturally adapts to new stresses by developing more muscle.  Consequently, if you don’t push your muscles, the body has no reason to support the extra muscle fiber.  Your body will give just what is needed to support your average daily activities.   Your body however also adapts to stresses you exert on your muscles.  Over time you will get to a point where your body adapts to a certain stress, this is known as reaching a plateau.  Changing your work out by the means of using different exercises, super sets and or resting times, will cause your muscles to grow by adapting to new stresses.

Following the principles above will ultimately give you the best way to build muscle.  Keep in mind that nutritional intake, especially protein are essential to make the gains you desire.

These tips above on the best way to build muscle are important, but your diet is an important part of building muscle properly.  The muscles that are built as a result of your exercise need amino acids to form the building blocks, and amino acids are found in beef, dairy products, poultry, legumes, and natural fats. The body also needs sugar to burn for energy, and the natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables will be the best source of energy.  Healthy complex carbs from whole grains will also be an important part of your exercise program.

Disclaimer: No matter how much exercise you do, poor diet habits will prevent you from getting ripped and building muscle the right way. If you don’t start following a healthy diet of natural foods that are low in fat and sugar, you will continue adding to your body’s natural fat stores and you will never be able to burn away the fat and turn it into muscle.