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Upper Body Workout
The Basics for Upper Body Workout Those who are new to strength training need to know the basics of an upper body workout plan. An essential part of any exercise program includes training every part of your body, and upper body workouts will get your chest, back and arms in prime condition. The upper body is almost always the first thing noticed. There are several good basic exercises you can do. The [...]
Mike Geary
Mike Geary is the man responsible for the creation of The Truth About Abs program. He is a man with many years of experience in his field.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree, is licensed as a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, and writes regularly for Oxygen Magazine. He also makes regular contributions to Muscle & Fitness, and writes as a columnist for the renowned [...]
How To Get A Six Pack Fast
Want to Know How to Get a Six Pack Fast? The abs are one of the most frequent concerns with people working out. The truth is, our bodies change as we age and it becomes more difficult for us to lose belly fat. Doing a few basic exercises will help you toget a six pack fast – or at least closer to it. Leg raises are an excellent way to hit the lower abdominal region. For beginners, just keep your [...]
How To Gain Muscle
If you want to gain muscle mass, realize it isn’t going to happen overnight, and few will ever develop to muscles that are seen in the body building or fitness magazines.  Even if you never get huge, there are some simple suggestions on how to gain muscle safely and effectively. Learn how to gain muscle by understanding muscle stress. Strength training is one of the most important parts of gaining [...]
How To Build Muscle Fast
Learn the rules of How to Build Muscle Fast. Those who want to know how to build muscle fast might already have a good workout routine and while this is important, there are several secrets to build muscle fast. If you have seen some results, but want bigger muscles, then make sure you are doing these simple things. DIET - Eating the right foods is one of the most important things to do when you [...]
Strength Training Workouts
Key Elements To Strength Training Workouts Strength training workouts are designed to help you increase strength and build muscle. These workouts have the added benefit of helping your body burn more calories, since muscle burns more calories than fat. With this in mind, you want to get the most out of your workouts while avoiding injury. The concept of power muscle burn, strength training workouts [...]
Weight Lifting Workouts
How to Develop the Right Weight Lifting Workouts   Did you know that weight lifting workouts actually improve your body’s ability to lose weight, while at the same time getting toned and fit?  If you have been working out with an aerobic program, adding weight lifting can help you achieve results faster than with cardio alone. When creating a program, there is a basic outline you need [...]
Vince Del Monte
Vince Del Monte was once a young man who found it impossible to put on any weight, much less build the massive muscles he desired. He found that he was the scrawniest one in his class, and he was called "Skinny Vinny(ie)" by his friends and classmates. One of the main reasons that he was so skinny was due to the fact that he was a track and field athlete, and he competed in triathlons and races alike. [...]
Muscle Building Diet
Muscle Building Diet for building mass quickly! There are some rules to keep in mind when doing a muscle building diet.   Technically, if most of these rules were applied by the average American there would be no overweight/obese epidemic going on.   We want to give you the basics but we will also get into some detail.  The more you understand how your body works the better off you will be when [...]
How To Get Ripped Fast
What You Need to Know to Get Ripped Fast What man (or woman) hasn’t wished for the secret to get ripped fast?  Six pack abs are the standard for sexy, and it seems there is some elusive secret. You can get that shrink wrapped look, but it will take some determined work on your part. One thing you need to consider when learning how to get ripped fast is that the abs are the most challenging part [...]
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